La Fabbrica della Nuka-Cola è un grande edificio a tre piani situata sul bordo meridionale della Zona Contaminata della Capitale.

E' popolata da Nukalurks,  Nuka-Cola Protectron, e da alcuni Scarafaggi Radioattivi


The building is divided into four sections: Research and development, Storage and mixing vats, Offices, and Factory floor.

Research and developmentModificaModifica

The first section of the factory contains the R&D department (the cell's name "Factory Floor" refers to the part beyond the locked door). Look up at the ceiling immediately after entering the lobby to see a hole and part of a filing cabinet with a Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual in it. The terminals here contain some info on development of the Nuka-Cola Quantum and the difficulties (or rather casualties) that occurred in the process. There is an R&D safe here, that can be unlocked only with a key that is in possession of Milo, shipping foreman. The safe contains the Nuka-Cola Clear formula plus some random minor loot. The actual factory floor on the other side of the locked door can be reached by a detour through the rest of the building, starting with the door to the storage and mixing vats in the northwest.

Storage and mixing vatsModificaModifica


The storage and mixing vats section of the factory is partially flooded with glowing blue liquid. Presumably it is water polluted with the strontium isotope used in Quantum. It gave rise to nukalurks, a special mutation ofmirelurk, which can only be encountered in the Nuka-Cola plant (see below for more info). In the room with two nukalurks and the suspended protectron there is a note, "Welcome to the Nuka-Cola Family!", on the desk beside a working automated maintenance terminal. The note is addressed to a new worker named Larry and contains his employee ID number that will be useful in the conversation with Milo later. It is dark and difficult to see against the green background of the desk.

To continue on, look for a descending passage. It leads to the flooded radioactive area of the plant. The exit to the offices you are looking for is located in the north east part of the main open area. Pass the first set of catwalk stairs you come to (or climb them for some radioactive respite and to check for any enemies), and look for a second set of stairs off to your left as you head north. Beware the nukalurks and the radiation. It is advised you take a dose ofRad-X and bring some RadAway. Follow the second stairwell around to the north east area where you need to drop down to ground level to access the exit (that is blocked by rubble at ground level). The other catwalks are all dead ends with no loot.

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